Kingsley-Bate™ Brussels Round Dining Table

Product Description

With wide plank tops and trestle style bases, this is a beautiful reinterpretation of antique Belgian farmhouse tables. Designed to complement an expansive array of design aesthetics, these tables celebrate the natural wood from which they are built. Each piece is crafted from reclaimed teak that exhibits natural imperfections– such as knots and coarse ridges –to ensure that no two pieces are exactly alike. 

Colors: Grey
Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 59"W x 59"D x 29.5"H

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Tables are finished with a gray wash for a weathered appearance and stain resistance. If left uncovered, the gray finish will gradually fade away. Once the finish fades, exposing unfinished teak to the elements, the furniture will begin to acquire the beautiful gray patina that is typical of untreated teak.

Sku: 19624